Defining the Future

At a Glance

  • 8.9m – 11.8m low floor midi bus
  • 32 – 46 seats
  • 13.2t – 14.4t GVW
  • 4 or 6 cylinder Euro6 engine
  • A host of new features
  • Raises the bar for the industry


The new Enviro200 is ADL’s future-defining single deck – and a worthy successor to the world’s best-selling midi bus. It is lighter, more fuel efficient, carries more passengers and is available in an extended range of stylish and feature-packed vehicles from 8.9m to 11.8m. It shares many features and technologies with the recently launched Enviro400 double deck and, once again, has been developed through a unique partnership involving ADL’s world-leading design and engineering teams, specialist suppliers and customers from all parts of the industry. Download the Enviro200 2015 Euro6 brochure Download the Enviro200 2015 Euro6 specification

• Optimised drivetrain, optional stop-start, smart accessories, electric cooling plus flywheel hybrid option and lighter weight combine to  improve economy by up to 35%. • All models are approximately 200kg lighter than forerunner vehicles. • Many systems and components are shared with the Enviro400 double deck, improving reliability and simplifying maintenance. • Class-leading styling inside and out, giving the new Enviro200 an unrivalled street presence. • Spacious, welcoming, light and airy interior with large windows, excellent access and LED lighting. • Up to five more seats than previous Enviro200 models. • Advanced electrical system that is common to the Enviro400, improving reliability and making maintenance easier • Patented, quick release glass system that reduces window replacement from three hours to three MINUTES. • All-new suspension for improved ride comfort, reduced costs and better reliability. • The driver’s cab is almost identical to the industry-leading Enviro400 double deck, providing easy access to controls, outstanding comfort and all-round visibility. • The new Enviro200 is available in lengths from 8.9m to 11.8m with a vast choice of mechanical, body and interior specifications • Expansive doors and panels that provide direct access to key components, improving maintenance and repairs.