Beyond Expectations

At a Glance

  • All-new double deck
  • Lighter
  • More fuel efficient
  • Quieter
  • Environment-friendly
  • Increased seating capacity

Video: See the story behind the new Enviro400

Innovation with Style is the hallmark of vehicles designed and built by Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL) and the all-new Enviro400 is no exception to that rule.
It is a bus that raises the bar for the industry and is an inspired successor to Britain’s best-selling double deck.
Enviro400 has been meticulously thought-out and built as part of a unique partnership involving ADL’s world-leading design and engineering teams, customers from all walks of the industry and suppliers with unique, specialist skills.
This visionary, collective approach has resulted in a bus designed by the industry ……for the industry.
It is lighter, more fuel efficient, quieter, environment-friendly and has increased seating capacity.
Enviro400 is class-leading in a vast range of ways, incorporating 200 improvements that introduce a wealth of benefits for operators, drivers and passengers.

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Modern curved shape that flows from front to back, descending onto the distinctive “hips” at the rear of the bus.
Reduced Weight
Enviro400 is 400 kilograms lighter, improving fuel economy and increasing seating capacity.
More Seats
Despite tougher EU legislation ingenious design has resulted in further seating capacity on a London bus; five more seats on a hybrid variant; and up to seven more on a full-length diesel model.
QRG System
Patented, quick release glass system that reduces window replacement from three hours to three MINUTES.
A remarkable study of every fault reported on every ADL two-axle double deck for eight years has led to reliability
improvements across the board.
Access to all regularly maintained items has been improved significantly as a result of the three-year customer engagement programme and meticulous attention to detail.
Heating & Ventilation
The new heating and ventilation system ensures a constant temperature throughout the bus and combined with a chiller unit can contain heat to circa 17-18°C.
A light, airy and welcoming interior, enhanced by LED lighting, large windows and a gloss finish to panels.
All-new multiplex electric system with easily reached distribution centre.
Driver’s Environment
Maximises comfort, safety and ease of use. Fully adjustable steering column and seat, plus new wrap-around screen
Powered by a robust 6.7 litre Euro6 Cummins engine that operators regard as proven, reliable and capable of optimising performance week-after-week, year-after-year.
The design and engineering behind the all-new Enviro400 will bring a revolutionary approach to manufacturing,
reducing build hours, improving quality and reinforcing production consistency.