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Innovation with Style

Innovation with style is a hallmark of the ADL product portfolio. The business has a leading reputation for innovation and breakthrough technology which responds to stakeholders’ requirements:

  • Operators are our customers who need reliable, fuel efficient, well supported vehicles to achieve their operational goals

  • Passengers with ever increasing expectations on what bus transport must deliver for them to even consider it as a modal choice

  • Residents who want improved air quality and lower levels of emissions and noise pollution

The interior of our products is stylish and contemporary with many premium specification options available, including high-back luxury seating, mood lighting, USB and wireless charging points, seatback amenities, and social seating configurations. These innovative options contribute to a first class passenger experience and increase the desire for ridership.

Cleaner and Greener

We are pleased to offer a range of pioneering technology solutions which deliver significant fuel efficiencies and emission reductions as a result of our ongoing multi-million pound investment programme in new product development.

Engagement and collaboration with authorities, operators, passengers, residents and our technology partners is a critically important aspect of our product development agenda.

We are passionate about increasing ridership, reducing the total cost of ownership for our customers and leading the way with the market's widest range of low and zero emissions technologies.

Our Low & Zero Emission Technologies

  • SmartPack efficient diesel
  • SmartHybrid
  • Biogas
  • Hybrid
  • Electric Range
  • Full Electric
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell


Safety is core value for Alexander Dennis and we continually strive to further reduce risks to drivers, passengers and other road users. We work in partnership with our customers and other stakeholders to develop new safety features and we are a development partner for Transport for London’s Bus Safety Standard.

Innovations brought to market include camera monitoring systems to replace external mirrors and intelligent speed assistance that stops drivers from inadvertently exceeding the speed limit.

We are working on further solutions such as autonomous emergency braking for city buses and selected applications of autonomous vehicle technology.