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Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL) is one of the world’s leading bus and coach builders with a history and heritage of design, engineering and manufacturing excellence that spans more than a century with offices in UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand. As a pioneer in embracing the latest technology, ADL has brought the widest range of low and zero emission buses to market. The group is now recognised as the leading bus and coach manufacturer in the UK and one of the fastest growing bus and coach builders in Western Europe.

We employ over 2,400 people worldwide and have more than tripled our revenue in the last 10 years, with an increasing proportion resulting from our expanding international footprint. This growth is attributable to our clear strategic focus – delivering lightweight, fuel efficient vehicles with industry-leading reliability, lowest cost of ownership and world class aftermarket support.


We design, engineer, build and support an industry-leading range of low and zero emission buses and coaches. Our unique transit solutions are designed to address the challenges facing transport authorities and operators around the globe as rapidly increasing levels of urbanisation place demands on cities to radically rethink their public transport infrastructure in order to ‘win back space’ and reduce congestion, minimise travel times, and improve air quality by deploying reliable, efficient transportation.

adl in action

  • Around the globe, ADL buses carry 25,000 passengers every minute of every day

  • In London alone ADL buses carry over 3.5million passengers per day

  • The fastest growing bus and coach builder in Western Europe

  • Breakthrough technology combined with premium styling and interior packaging

DEVELOPMENT IN international markets

The flexible business model at ADL has allowed the company to develop strategic partnerships and grow in international markets. We have a strong global presence with build and service partners in Europe, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, USA, Mexico and Canada.

With our strong product development team, we have the capability of designing and producing the complete chassis and body across a wide range of lightweight and fuel-efficient vehicles.

Having already produced the world’s best-selling double deck and midi-bus products, ADL has an unwavering commitment to continually invest in research and development to design and produce other market leading models.

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