Alexander Dennis Limited’s SmartPack and SmartHybrid technology for efficient Low Emission Buses has been shortlisted for a National Transport Award in the Excellence in Technology category.

Developed in house by ADL’s engineering teams, the technology is used by bus operators across the country to improve air quality in towns and cities.

SmartPack and SmartHybrid are efficiency enhancements for Euro 6 diesel buses, reducing emissions and improving fuel economy to make the provision of bus services more cost-efficient and sustainable.

SmartPack is centred on the smart management of alternator and air compressor, which are controlled to only charge during vehicle deceleration when they place no additional load on the engine.

SmartHybrid adds a 48V hybrid system, which recovers kinetic and uses it to provide a torque assist to the driveline during acceleration.

The National Transport Awards will be awarded on 11th October 2018 in London.