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Diversity at Alexander Dennis

Here at Alexander Dennis we are aware that promoting and supporting diversity in the workplace is important - it’s about valuing everyone's talent uniquely within the organisation. Being part of the ADL team, individuals can comfortably express their opinions, where mutual respect is given and makes everyone feel included. Alexander Dennis is committed to eliminating all types of discrimination through training and educating staff, along with implementation of its Equality and Diversity Policies, Schemes and Action Plans. By hiring people with different beliefs and outlooks and at varied stages of their career, this can help ADL to foster creativity and offer a range of perspectives and ideas.

Cultural and Religious Beliefs

At Alexander Dennis we strive to be flexible when it comes to accommodating religious practices amongst employees or candidates, whilst understanding that key work responsibilities must be fulfilled. Equality among employees can bring better working atmosphere and we work to embrace these differences.


We are committed to offering employment to suitably qualified people with disabilities and making reasonable adjustments to the working environment to accommodate their needs. We aim to support disabled employees throughout their employment and to retain existing employees who develop disabilities during the course of their employment by providing support and making reasonable adjustments.

Gender and Sexual Orientation

We are committed to providing equal opportunities to all employees irrespective of their gender identity or sexual orientation.


The company has a zero tolerance and strives to prevent discrimination against any directly or indirectly because of their race, including their colour, nationality and ethnic or national origins.  We are committed to promoting racial equality and aim to identify and eliminate barriers that prevent people from racial groups gaining access to employment, promotion and training opportunities.

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