Two-axle versions of Plaxton’s flagship Elite coach are now available on the Volvo B8R chassis, combining distinctive design with fuel efficiency and offering 53 luxury seats at a vehicle length of 13.2m. This new version increases luggage carrying capacity by half a tonne. Ten coaches built to this specification are joining the fleet of launch customer Logan’s Executive Travel of Dunloy for the 2019 season.

The Volvo B8R 4×2 chassis, powered by the eight-litre 350hp D8K engine matched to the I-Shift automated transmission, already is a highly popular choice when underpinning Plaxton’s Panther and Leopard models where it has a proven record for reliability and excellent value for money.

The B8R chassis is now available for the Plaxton Elite coach. At 13.2m length, it seats up to 53 passengers on comfortable recliners and offers a centre sunken toilet at the continental exit door. The increased wheelbase maximizes the luggage locker space available. This can be fully utilised thanks to the lighter chassis, which delivers an increase in luggage carrying capacity of around half a tonne compared with the 12.6m Plaxton Elite on B11R chassis.

A comprehensive range of specification options are available, including a PSVAR compliant entrance mounted wheelchair lift and full LED destination equipment.

Mark Ballam, Coach Commercial Manager at Alexander Dennis, says: “The British-built Plaxton Elite is perhaps the most distinctive coach on the road and is now winning more and more fans thanks to the new Volvo B8R chassis option. Like all Plaxton coaches, its stainless steel body structure contributes to its longevity and continued resale value.”

Logan’s Executive Travel of Dunloy in Co. Antrim has become the launch customer for this new model option, taking ten coaches for the 2019 season.

Director Sean Logan comments: “This is another model on offer in what is the finest stable of vehicles offered by any manufacturer in Europe. The engineering team led by the late Vaugn Bulmer could not have been more motivated and constructive in their help. But then, when you are part of the Plaxton family, you expect nothing less.”

The first of the new coaches will be shown at the UK Coach Rally in Blackpool on 6th and 7th April.