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As the world's first Euro 6 biogas powered double decker, the Enviro400CBG is an attractive alternative delivering more sustainable transport. It has been developed in partnership between Scania and Alexander Dennis.

Scania's N chassis comes equipped with the OC09 101/280 Euro 6 gas engine, which is based on a modular platform using otto combustion technology. These buses emit hardly any particulates or hydrocarbons and generate a CO2 saving of 84% as well as tailpipe emissions that are cleaner than an equivalent Euro 6 diesel double deck bus. The biomethane used to fuel the buses is sourced from food, farm and sewage waste which would otherwise go to landfill or not be reused. This produces high volumes of methane when left to decompose naturally. As methane is one of the most potent greenhouse gases, biogas buses reduce the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.

The Enviro400CBG has Alexander Dennis's City style body which brings together elegance and practicality and gives it real street presence.

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    84% CO2 SAVING

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Light, airy, welcoming. Three words that describe the experience passengers can expect on entering the Enviro400CBG. They will be struck immediately by the wide entrance and aisles, the ample space for buggies and wheelchair users, the natural light that floods in through the wrap-around front windows, the glazed stairwell and the sky-view glazing at the rear of the upper deck.

The Enviro400CBG features a raked, wrap-round driver’s windscreen with the wipers recessed at the top, a stylish glazed stairwell, and a shallow upper deck windscreen which, combined with other design features, significantly reduces solar gain in warm weather and allows operators to brand the vehicles more prominently to aid customer recognition.