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The zero emissions double decker

The stylish and modern Enviro500EV CHARGE is built with a lightweight aluminum body structure and stainless steel chassis. This optimizes weight distribution to allow for industry leading 648kWh of energy storage while still providing up to 82 seats for an unrivaled combination of range and passenger capacity.

With the industry’s first full independent front suspension and the reduced noise levels associated with electric drive, the Enviro500EV CHARGE provides an outstanding combination of a smooth ride and low noise levels, appreciated by drivers and passengers alike. With rapid charging batteries located in the chassis and at the rear of the vehicle for a low center of gravity and great stability, it features a reversible HVAC system incorporating an all-electric heat pump which increases the vehicle range on cold days.

The Enviro500EV CHARGE retains all the class-leading features of Alexander Dennis vehicles proven and successful double deck bus, including excellent low-floor access, a spacious interior, large windows, and LED lighting for improved energy efficiency.

Low cost maintenance is a hallmark of the Enviro double deck range, thanks to easy-access panels and service items that are positioned for rapid workshop turnaround. 

Drivers love Enviro double decks too, with their outstanding stability, ergonomic cab design and fully adjustable driving position, plus a turning diameter that out-performs the competition.

Designed exclusively for North America the Enviro500EV CHARGE is based on years of double deck operation across the USA and Canada.

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Innovation with Style

Where Enviro double decks have been introduced across the world they have quickly established themselves as big favorites with passengers, thanks to their easy access, outstanding comfort and amazing panoramic views.

Now there’s even more room than before with up to 82 widely spaced seats, the majority in the upper saloon, all benefitting from heavy duty air conditioning.

The Enviro500EV CHARGE commuter option offers comfortable seats, individual reading lights, wireless phone chargers, Wi-Fi connectivity and multimedia passenger displays amongst a whole host of passenger refinements.

The Enviro500EV CHARGE introduces full independent front suspension, giving the bus the exceptionally smooth ride of a motorcoach. The all-electric Alexander Dennis double deck bus offers the largest battery capacity available for industry leading range capability.

Access is unbeatable with wide opening doors, plus a low step into an obstruction-free, flat floor interior. Wheelchair access is made easy too, thanks to a ramp that can be deployed and retrieved quickly, while the lower saloon provides two wheelchair spaces and seating for a further 23 passengers.

Reaching the upper deck is via a wide and well-lit staircase with appropriately positioned handrails that maximize safety.

The Enviro500EV CHARGE has a state of the art propulsion system which utilizes an electric portal axle with integrated wheel hub drives, designed for cost effectiveness and efficiency.

The Enviro500EV CHARGE is equally comfortable in city center operations or cruising quietly and safely at highway speeds thanks to the advanced, full air suspension and a low center of gravity.