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Our Product Concept

Single Deck

The ADL Enviro200 is an internationally acclaimed single deck bus and the UK’s best-seller. From 8.9m to 11.8m in length, its flexible interior configurations allow it to carry up to 93 passengers.

These lightweight, manoeuvrable vehicles, manufactured with a durable aluminium body structure, are fuel efficient and easy to maintain.

A full electric version of this class-leading single deck, the BYD ADL Enviro200EV, was launched in September 2016. Developed in collaboration with BYD, the world’s leading manufacturer of battery technology, it is the clean, zero emission choice for cities.

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Double Deck

ADL’s Enviro400 two axle double deck bus is the UK market leader and the Enviro500 three axle double deck forms the backbone of many congested global cities’ transport systems in North America, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand.

A double deck bus offers more seating capacity than any other bus, carrying large numbers of passengers in comfort and safety, with the lowest level of CO2 emissions per seated passenger.

These double deck vehicles range from 10.3m to 13.8m in length, offer varying interior configurations and can seat up to 98 passengers with a total capacity of 146 passengers. The compact footprint of the double deck means they occupy less room on the road and in the depot, and are as easy to manoeuvre as a single deck vehicle.

With low floor entry, our double deck buses are accessible for all passengers. Various passenger-centric specifications enhance the journey experience and help operators’ driver ridership growth.

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Our Coach Concept

Our Plaxton brand is a world leader in coach design and manufacture that delivers precisely what operators and passengers need: style, space and comfort matched by low cost of ownership, reliability, fuel efficiency and outstanding aftersales support worldwide.

From investment in low-weight aluminium structural designs coupled with a stainless steel that maximise efficiency to streamline profiles, multiple and versatile seating layouts and high storage capacities, every innovation is created to meet the needs of local markets.

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