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Cleaner cities. Quieter streets. Zero emissions.

The BYD–Alexander Dennis Enviro200EV brings together the proven battery and electric technology of BYD and the outstanding design and build expertise of Alexander Dennis for cities and bus operators in New Zealand.

One of the attractions of the all-electric, zero-emissions BYD–Alexander Dennis Enviro200EV is the fact that acceleration is seamless. No gear changes mean a gentle, smooth and quiet experience that all passengers will love. Better still, the BYD–Alexander Dennis Enviro200EV retains all the class-leading features of Alexander Dennis's proven and successful Enviro200 single deck bus, including excellent low-floor access, spacious interior, large windows, and LED lighting.

It all adds up to a superior ride, building on Alexander Dennis's world of experience in designing and manufacturing exceptional buses and incorporating BYD’s cleaner, quieter electric powertrain and industry leading battery technology.


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    zero emissions

  • reduced noise levels

  • Smooth ride