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designed for new zealand
Meet the Enviro200XLB

The three-axle Enviro200XLB completes the Alexander Dennis single decker range in New Zealand with a high capacity option fully based on the world's best-selling lightweight bus. Engineered specifically to comply with New Zealand legislation, it is designed to carry 45 seated passengers and 38 standees while remaining under the 18 tonne GVM Road User Charge threshold.

It retains all key features which make the Enviro200 the world’s best-selling lightweight bus and is specified with the cleanest Cummins Euro 6 engine, heavy-duty Voith gearbox and Dana axles. It is fully accessible with low entry and wide gangway, and is fully air conditioned for excellent passenger comfort.

This bus has also undergone the stringent durability testing and development regime that all of our products are exposed to and which will give operators the confidence that their asset is going to get the job done for the next 20 years.

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Designed to meet your needs

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    Lightweight aluminium body
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    Up to 83 passengers

  • Air conditioned