Alexander Dennis, a subsidiary of NFI Group Inc., one of the world’s leading independent global bus manufacturers, today announced that it has delivered two Enviro200 midibuses to Welsh family business Thomas of Rhondda.

The 8.9m low-emission single deckers will be used on local bus services, for which they offer 30 comfortable Alexander Dennis SmartSeats with three-point belts as well as audio-visual next-stop announcements.

Managing Director Ian Thomas said: “The Alexander Dennis Enviro200 is a great choice for our local bus services. It’s short length of just 8.9 metres makes it extremely manoeuvrable. These buses offer great comfort and accessibility for our customers as well as our drivers, while also being quick and straightforward to maintain.

“These new buses are an upgrade to the previous-model Enviro200 which we bought in 2016 and which will now be used on local school contracts. They have been a great product that has made us very happy to stick to the Enviro200.”

Simon Wood, Regional Sales Manager for Alexander Dennis, added: “This is a great investment from Thomas of Rhondda in new buses that benefit staff and customers as much as the environment. Fitted with our SmartPack efficiency technology, these Enviro200 low-emission buses will reduce carbon output and make bus travel in the South Wales Valleys an even more sustainable choice.”