High Capacity , Low Floor Double Deck

At a Glance

  • 12.0m or 12.9m high capacity, low floor double deck bus
  • Up to 100 seats
  • Right hand drive (Europe, Asia Pacific), or left hand drive (N. America)
  • New look, low height (13’ 6” – 4.1m) model for North America
  • 12.0m or 12.9m high capacity, low floor double deck bus

Enviro500 is a range of low floor, air conditioned double deck buses designed for markets requiring the highest levels of comfort and passenger capacity.

Enviro500 can carry over 100 people in a vehicle just 12.0m (40′) long, and is the world’s best selling high capacity double deck.

Well established in the important Hong Kong market, Enviro500 has also broken through into North America, successfully operating as a transit route bus, interurban commuter or as an open top variant for sightseeing operations.
A new development in North America is a new “Go-Anywhere” design just 13’ 6” (4.1m) high that can operate in virtually every part of the USA and Canada.

Enviro500 (Asia Pacific)

Enviro500 (N. America)

Download the Enviro500 (Asia Pacific) brochure

Download the Enviro500 (N. America) brochure

Download the Enviro500 SuperLo brochure

  • The ideal solution for carrying large numbers of passengers while occupying a smaller roadspace (around 100 passengers in a 12m (40ft) length
  • New look, low height 13’ 6” ( 4.1m) model for N. America.
  • Low operating and purchase costs
  • Proven to increase ridership
  • Lowest fuel consumption per passenger carried
  • Excellent stability and ride
  • Fully air conditioned and exceptional passenger comfort
  • No-step entry and flat floor in lower saloon
  • Wider gangway for better passenger access
  • Fully accessible for wheelchair users
  • More space for revenue generating advertising
  • Low cost and easy maintenance
  • Proven and reliable technology already in service in Europe, Asia and North America
  • Low emission Cummins engines
  • Aluminium body structure provides light weight and strength
  • Comprehensive ADL parts and service support