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We’re working to create a better product, a better workplace and a better world.

With facilities in ten countries, we’re a key local employer in many locations. This gives us a responsibility towards the communities we’re are part of. Wherever possible, we aim to return the support we’re receiving from families, friends and neighbours and to have a positive impact.

We also have an obligation towards the environment. As humanity faces its greatest challenge yet in the face of climate change, we are committed to building the clean buses that transport operators need to provide sustainable mobility, as well as to examining our direct business activity and reducing its negative impact.

ESG Report

Our parent NFI Group publishes an annual environmental, social and governance report with additional information.

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Giving back to our communities


Prevent Breast Cancer‘s BooBee campaign aims to make people aware of the vital need for better breast health and education. We supported the charity by providing an Enviro400 double decker for it’s month-long campaign in Greater Manchester in 2019.

The demonstrator vehicle then kept its bright pink livery for another year as it was trialled by bus operators across the country, raising further awareness for the charity’s cause wherever it went.

BooBee’s follow-up campaign in 2022 got more support when our designer was involved in creating the vehicle graphics for the Alexander Dennis Enviro200 bus that was the vehicle for that year’s tour.

Gladstone Road Primary School

Our Scarborough team was asked by nearby Gladstone Road Primary School how best to maintain an old double decker bus, which the school had purchased to use as a breakout space as well as an area for local parents to enjoy when visiting the school.

Before our team had a chance to provide more information, the school reached out with the unfortunate news that the bus had been vandalized and was no longer fit for purpose. Our Scarborough team stepped in with a group of volunteers that assessed the damage, prepared a plan of action, and carried out the needed repairs.

We’ve since received a wave of thank-you letters from the local school children, grateful for supporting this important community project.


Falkirk Round Table spreads festive cheer and raises vital funds for charitable projects every year when Santa’s Sleigh delights children on its tours of local neighbourhoods.

Alexander Dennis built the sleigh – which sits on a vehicle trailer – and continues to help with its maintenance, often giving it a service before the season’s outings.

On its most recent visit to our factory, a new communication system and speakers were designed and fitted, and the CNC shop team added a canopy to keep Santa’s head clear in the snow!

Protecting the environment

Zero emission by Alexander Dennis

Since 2008, we’ve developed the market’s widest of range of low, ultra-low and zero-emission buses.

These range from our award-winning SmartPack efficiency technology for conventional buses, which we developed in-house to provide a cost-effective and easily-adopted solution, to latest battery-electric and hydrogen-fuel cell buses.

Our clean buses play an important role in transport operators and authorities’ provision of sustainable mobility by cutting out greenhouse gas emissions and local pollutants. Reduced noise levels help to make towns and cities more liveable.

Energy Governance Committee

We formed a cross-functional Energy Governance Committee in 2022 as a key milestone for our wider ESG journey.

The committee is made up of representatives from across the business, including HR, procurement, operations and our AD24 aftermarket division. It meets monthly to ensure efficient energy use and identify initiatives for further energy reductions through collaboration.

Initiatives to date include office space consolidation, reviewed shift patterns and evaluating the efficiency of paint operations.

Energy savings

Our local experts used power analysis equipment and sub-metering to identify energy reduction opportunities across our operations which included replacing inefficient lighting systems with LEDs and monitoring heavy machinery efficiency, such as CNC and paint ovens.

This has allowed us to make energy savings of 400,000kWh.

A new energy management framework will allow frequent analysis of our energy consumption, facilitate a continuous improvement model and increase the accuracy of forecasting.