Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL) continues its global growth by expanding its existing operations outside the United Kingdom and by breaking into new markets.

An exciting year in North America has seen facility start-ups in Canada and the United States along with the delivery of the first Enviro500 SuperLo vehicles to Greater Toronto and Hamilton transport authority Metrolinx in July. Building upon the success of the 4.1m height Enviro500, which continues to be offered across the US and Canada, ADL’s engineering expertise enabled the development of an innovative chassis design that reduces overall vehicle height to just 3.9m while maintaining the spacious interior saloon dimensions which maximise passenger comfort on interurban commuter routes.

There are now over 1,000 Enviro500 delivered to North America with more on order. Looking ahead, 2017 is set to be a record year in in terms of sales and registrations.

As announced last year, a new market for ADL is Mexico. The first of 90 Enviro500 double deck buses for Mexico City are now completed and the whole fleet is on target for delivery by the end of summer 2017.

Progress has also been made on market entry in continental Europe, where the first Enviro500 double deckers for PostAuto of Switzerland will be handed over in spring 2017. They will be the result of close work with this landmark operator, and engagement continues along with the exploration of further European opportunities in several countries.

Hong Kong, the powerhouse of ADL in the Asia Pacific region, continues to go from strength to strength with a staggering 1,000 vehicles going into service in 2015 alone, giving the company an unheard of 80% market share during the peak replacement phase of this market.

Far from being complacent, ADL remains agile and continues to respond to specific customer requirements to meet their operational goals. A recent example are 60 low height Enviro400 double deckers for the Victoria Peak route, delivery of which will start next month.

ADL’s focus is equally evident in Singapore, where it has moved into larger premises to house its growing team. With 200 Enviro500 delivered and a further 15 on order, a concept vehicle with three doors and two staircases was launched this year to very positive feedback from passengers and industry audiences alike.

New premises have also been brought into use in Malaysia. Combining office space and a parts warehouse, they show ADAP’s commitment to developing this market. 120 buses, a mix of Enviro500 and Enviro200, are in operation with government operator Prasarana – and the double deckers proved so popular in Kuala Lumpur that passengers in Penang asked to also have them.

In New Zealand, 400 two-axle Enviro200 buses have been well received. Their success has enabled the development of a three-axle Enviro200 engineered to comply with New Zealand’s strict regulations while carrying 45 seated and 38 standing passengers. High capacity also is the focus of Enviro500 deliveries to the country, with the first 38 supplied over the last twelve months and new orders booked for a further eight for Birkenhead Transport, plus more in the pipeline.

The strong activity in this market extends to coaches and the first Elite coaches for this market will be ten 13.5m examples ordered by Ritchies, for delivery in June 2017 in readiness for the British and Irish Lions Tour and for subsequent use on InterCity routes. The Cheetah XL also proves popular thanks to the operational advantages of a 35-passenger carrying capacity in a 9.6m midi coach, and orders have been placed by and Nimon & Sons Ltd.