Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL), Britain’s leading bus manufacturer, has delivered the first Enviro buses with high-definition digital cameras and interior displays instead of traditional mirrors. The SmartVision system improves visibility and reduces the risk of accidents.

The view from the SmartVision cameras is digitally processed to compensate for lighting, shadows or glare while it is transmitted to the displays, which are mounted inside the cab to eliminate reflections from windows. The system offers the driver a normal mirror view at the top of the monitor and a wide angle view in the lower half. Screen brightness adjusts automatically to give excellent visibility day and night.

The offside display is mounted on the A pillar, with the nearside display located centrally to avoid obstruction by an open door. The placement in similar locations to normal mirrors allows drivers to adjust easily.

SmartVision maintains image quality in all conditions. Software removes any distortion from rain drops or dirt on the lens, while an optional camera heater clears ice or fogging.

In addition to improved visibility for drivers, operators benefit from reduced risk of mirror damage or injury to passengers or pedestrians, potentially saving up to £25,000 per bus. A reduction in aerodynamic resistance is additionally expected to deliver a small fuel economy benefit, especially at higher speeds.

SmartVision is an internationally proven technology supplied by French company Vision-Systems through its UK distributor 21st Century Technology. It is mounted during vehicle assembly and fully supported by ADL’s best-in-class Aftermarket network. It is fully VCA certified for both the Enviro200 single decker and Enviro400 double decker.

First Glasgow and trentbarton have become the first operators to use the system. One Enviro400 for Glasgow’s service 75 is equipped with SmartVision, as is one Enviro200 for the i4 route in Nottingham.