Alexander Dennis Limited (“ADL”), a subsidiary of NFI Group Inc. (“NFI”), one of the world’s largest independent global bus manufacturers, today announced that it now offers a range of semi-permanent and permanent solutions for the protection of drivers and passengers, designed to be fitted to new and existing vehicles to reduce the risk of virus transmission.

ADL responded quickly to the coronavirus pandemic, adjusting to ensure customers could continue to access the manufacturer’s full aftermarket support as the operating industry rolled out temporary measures in record time to ensure buses were safe for everyone. At the same time, ADL’s engineering teams began to develop longer-term solutions that could be fitted to existing and new vehicles as operators began to prepare for a new normal.

Chris Waine, UK Service Director at ADL, said: “The UK’s bus operating industry has shown tremendous resilience and ingenuity over the last months, adding temporary cab partitions and other distancing measures to vehicles overnight. As we now settle into a longer period of recovery, ADL has the semi-permanent and permanent solutions that can replace initial quick fixes to restore the journey experience as buses and coaches remain clean, safe and ready to go.”

ADL-designed solutions for Alexander Dennis buses and Plaxton coaches were released to market successively as they became available over the past months, and the range now includes:

  • Universal mounting brackets and plates for hand sanitiser dispensers, suitable for Alexander Dennis buses and Plaxton coaches as well as other manufacturers’ products and supplied with or without dispensers as required
  • Bus driver contact shields for retrofit to existing Alexander Dennis Enviro200 and Enviro400 buses without cab screens, available for both current (“MMC”) and previous vehicle generations
  • Transport for London-approved modifications to fully seal existing drivers’ cabs and provide fully sealed cabs in new vehicles
  • Coach driver contact shields, and cab rear partitions where required, for retrofit to existing coaches and installation in new Plaxton Panther, Leopard, Elite, Elitei and Panorama coaches
  • Coach passenger separation with retractable roller blinds mounted to existing luggage racking

All solutions are available through the AD24 digital aftermarket platform at as well as through ADL’s hotlines and sales teams.