Alexander Dennis, a subsidiary of NFI Group Inc., one of the world’s leading independent global bus manufacturers, today announced that it has received an order for 200 low-emission Enviro400 double deck buses from Stagecoach. This represents the UK bus industry’s largest single order by number of vehicles since 2019.

Stagecoach’s 200 new buses will be built in Britain and will have Alexander Dennis’s SmartPack efficiency technology, giving them Low Emission Bus status and helping Stagecoach to cut emissions in the communities it serves.

All are expected to be delivered in 2023 and to be allocated to depots across England, ranging from Torquay in the South West to Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East. The investment means that Stagecoach will remove older buses from its fleet, benefitting local air quality.

Sam Greer, Engineering Director for Stagecoach, said: “We are proud of the continued investment we are making to our fleet with the largest single order for new buses in the UK this year. This really shows our commitment to the future prosperity of our communities and to our people who can all benefit from the cleaner transport and a growing bus sector.

“These new double decker buses will complement the investment we are already making with our electric buses to modernise our fleet in some of Britain’s major towns and cities, enabling reduced pollution and meaning customers can benefit from more comfortable, quieter and newer vehicles on their everyday journeys. We look forward to working with Alexander Dennis to get our new buses into service starting early next year.”

Paul Davies, Alexander Dennis President & Managing Director, said: “We are delighted to continue to support Stagecoach in making buses across the UK cleaner and greener. Our low-emission Enviro400 is a tried and tested product that combines efficiency with high passenger capacity. Robust and easy to maintain, the 200 new buses will integrate seamlessly into Stagecoach’s fleet.

“After the challenges both operators and manufacturers in the UK bus industry have faced in the last years, it is a heartening step on the road to recovery to see significant volumes of vehicles being ordered again by the country’s largest bus operator, Stagecoach.”